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website design

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6 Point Process Six steps to success

This is when we get into a cozy discussion room with gallons of steaming rich coffee & ask you loads of questions. We want to know it all for making the best business plan for you.


Once we have all the information, a project manager is assigned and our team of strategists goes into a frenzied brainstorming (real verbal volleys and fist fights) session to come up with a detailed action plan to meet your business objectives.


Once we have a detailed digital plan ready, we lay it out to get your approval. Note: This is the last time we'll allow you to voice your opinion. We want to ensure that we tie any loose ends in planning, so that we are on the right track to start implementation.


This is when our crazy web designers and project managers combine all their talents to whip up a heavy concoction. This is where it all comes together, a blend of sleek design and a vibrant look, all customized for your business and target audience.


It is our team of developers that translates all the concepts and ideas into the working engine your website is to become. We are proud to have some of the most brilliant minds who spend more time coding than doing anything else.

Delivery & Testing

Once we have a thorough round of testing done, we are ready to launch. Our support staff ensures that any little tweaks to be done are taken care of even after we launch (4 months after) so that you have the best possible outcome.

Services Most trusted digital partner for small & medium business
website design

Web Design

A design without a clear business proposition is just an art. We, at CBIL360, believe that web design without clear business intent is as good as a piece of art that generates interest but seldom converts itself into a business opportunity. In a stiff and competitive environment, what really counts is getting the right concoction of business with art.

With a different breed of professionals at work, CBIL360 is more than just a website development company. It creates blueprint for targeted business communication which is saleable and helps you achieve your business proposition. While our focus on aesthetics is relentless, our goal is to contribute to your bottom lines, which are, to increase awareness in your business and facilitate your company's growth trajectory.

While standard web designing companies promise to deliver, we consider that making your website contemporary, corporate and professional is an obligation. It is something that we do not need to talk at length. We rather discuss how a website design can contribute to your overall company revenue and meet your business objectives. The aim is that the final product not only looks a million dollars but also gives you access to opportunities a web development company like CBIL360 can lead to.

With a bottom-up approach, website design with us progresses with in-depth consumer research, understanding market orientation, sensing customer apprehensions, identifying and troubleshooting problem areas and gauging online competition to differentiate and set your business agenda ahead.

It is then, that we come up with creative concepts and inspired designs based on usability, user experience and SEO techniques that deliver powerful, compelling and profitable websites.

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website design

Website Redesign

At CBIL360, evolution is a constant process. We understand that change in ideas, perceptions and business propositions are prudent factors for an organisation's prosperity. It becomes imperative that a company revisits its business persona. Your website forms an integral part of your business model and must reflect your growing ambitions.

Often, companies are left with websites that are outdated and no longer align with the business strategy, company objectives, market trends and growth chart. We understand that website redesign is a lot more than just giving a facelift to your website. Businesses evolve and so do websites.

More than just a facelift in web scheme and graphics, CBIL360 focuses on how to convert thoughts into hiring decisions for your services. It is more like reinventing your business infrastructure. It is not just about compelling graphics and web scheme but about how to compel your potential customer to navigate from service page to quotation form.

For us, custom website design is not only a process of upgrading in terms of technology and visual appeal. We believe that visual appeal and creative concepts come by default with professional web design. Unlike other website designing companies we focus on developing an interactive web design which takes into account factors such as current market vogue, holding on current consumer base, pointed communication to the targeted audience and tapping your evolving business strategy.

As your business flourishes, competition goes stiffer and target markets keep on getting polarised. To arrest this one needs to poise and instil a belief in clients that you are abreast with current market trend.

At CBIL360, a large part of website redesign encompasses usability and aligning with changing consumer tastes and preferences. It is only with extensive consumer research, competitor analysis, usability testing and analysis that our design team comes out with solution which is an answer to the ever changing market scenario.

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website design


The web is a huge market place where your website competes for visibility with not only the local business but international service providers, who use the same keywords as you do. Hence, a savvy and rich website with seamless navigation is good enough till it places you on the first or the second page of any search engine. For CBIL 360, SEO web design means the difference between to be and not to be for our clients.

Some of the top SEO companies forget the fact that it is ultimately the visibility that every website strives for. Today, a whopping majority of 90% consumers start shopping randomly by entering the desired field. The market place is filled with so many options that targeted searches are very rare. Consumers look forward to the best possible deal.

We understand that clients looking for SEO services are looking at techniques that are designed to put them at the top of the search engines, in front of their consumers, right when they are looking for them. CBIL360's CSEO approach or 'Creative search engine optimization', is what we believe ranks us in the list of best SEO companies.

We do not believe in stuffing your website with links; nobble endlessly irrelevant content and choking up your website with Meta tags and keywords. We are strong advocates of making websites search engine friendly without sacrificing its usability and design value. With singular focus on the needs of each client, we are a SEO services company which believes in complete assistance on optimization initiatives with submission reports.

CBIL360 is not just about SEO experts but SEO wizards at work, who focus on website analysis, technical preparedness, on page and off page optimisation. Our methods are aimed to achieve and sustain top search engine rankings.

An affordable SEO company with a clear objective of maximum reach and visibility of your website, is what we strive to achieve.

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website design

Internet Marketing

The possibilities thrown open by Internet to a brand are immense. It is just about being at the right place at the right time. Internet marketing is one tool towards brand building, which allows you and your services to be omnipresent. You might be on a web page, on social media, in your prospective customer's inbox or just go viral across a large cross section of potential consumer base. Local internet marketing, today, has grown to unimaginable extents.

CBIL360 understands this business opportunity for each one its clients and reads this extent very seriously. Every visitor on a social media page or an affiliate web page brings value to our clients.

Though internet marketing strategies are not like scaling mountain walls but the variety and techniques involved can make it challenging. CBIL360 is an internet marketing consultant which has mastered the art of building businesses online, effortlessly.

Most of the internet marketing firms understand the fact very well that web is a direct market which allows one point contact with potential customer. With a team of professional marketers, CBIL360 evolves solutions which make your communication to your prospective customer precise, sharp, persuasive and persistent.

Internet marketing, be it email marketing, paid search, display or contextual advertising, our online marketing professionals have a vast expertise in identifying the online market trends, tapping the existing target base, creating new audiences and designing compelling internet marketing roadmap for visible results.

We use advanced in-house and third-party tools, along with well-defined marketing methodologies, which helps our team deliver the highest ROI.

Our marketing tactics are based on deep research, consumer insights, extensive reporting, analysis and forecasting, to make the campaigns worth every penny you spend. Ultimately it is all about effective communication with your target audience, and that is what we strive to achieve.

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website design


As they say, ecommerce is as all about numbers.

Last decade saw a huge upsurge in e-commerce across the World Wide Web. The hype around this buzz word has finally settled and is now considered as one of the most successful online trade commerce models. The business opportunity to be tapped in this sector is immense.

Many positives combined with technology have made e-commerce websites one of the most preferred services among clients. The success of e-commerce is largely attributed to its ability to touch base with the visitors directly. The 24/7 ability to access products and interactivity is making the concept the new in-thing in the tech world.

While this may be true, for us, that's just scratching the surface. Run-of-the-mill e-commerce website design can be delivered but we think different. At CBIL360 we dig deep to innovate best e-commerce solutions. Different businesses need different applications and we understand that both approach and model cannot be the same as far as an e-commerce web design is concerned.

CBIL360 boasts of ecommerce website designers who are wizards in critical ecommerce aspects like customer engagement, cross-sell, up-sell, product display, innovative campaigns and converting your online store into a superstore.

Some of the best e-commerce websites miss out on factors such as interactivity and innovation. At CBIL360 e-commerce solutions are based on what we call the 3E Approach - making ecommerce an exciting, enriching and enjoyable experience for your customers. We strive to go out of our way to deliver a shopping experience that your clients will truly cherish.

We are passionate about delivering an online retail experience that will put your brand ahead of the pack.

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