NASA’S International Space App Challenge

Miami Florida. April 10,2012

CBIL360 a leading web design company in the US, announced their commitment to sponsor the NASA International Space Apps Challenge to take place in Miami, FL.

On April 21-2012 WASHINGTON — NASA, governments around the world and civil society organizations will co-host the International Space Apps Challenge with events across seven continents and in space.

“We are very excited to sponsor a  NASA led event that brings together students and groups from San Francisco; Exeter, U.K.; Melbourne, Australia; Sao Paulo; Nairobi, Kenya; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tokyo; McMurdo Station, Antarctica and others to partner and explore new ways to help the planet and further space exploration utilizing government open data. Participants will be free to develop mobile apps, software and hardware, data visualization, and platform solutions to contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on earth. As expressed by Jay. H. Benavner, CEO of CBIL360 a web development company; “The event will last two days but the issues we are looking to find solutions for have been around for a long time so we need to ensure the continuation of these types of efforts”.

Student’s use of open data includes statistics, facts and all other information that is freely available to the public. Teams will compete using open data to design innovative solutions to a predetermined series of global challenges.

“Open Government is more than simply releasing data. It is a fundamental shift in the way government interacts with citizens,” said Chris Vein, deputy U.S. chief technology officer for Government Innovation at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “This apps challenge is an opportunity for governments to involve citizens in solving some of the most challenging problems facing our Nation and the world, and the White House is excited that NASA is at the forefront of this worldwide effort.”

The U.S. National Action Plan is part of the Open Government Partnership, a multilateral initiative to promote transparency, participation and collaboration between governments and citizens. President Obama and other heads of state committed to these principles on the margins of the United Nations in September 2011 and CBIL360 is proud to be part of this global effort.

This whole idea has been conceived as a technology incubator for the great initiatives of the near future as first thought of by “random hacks of kindness” (partnership between Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft) to address global needs. “While a lot of these initiatives happen at a government level we think it is in CBIL360’s best interest to support these groups, such as the Miami FIU group and help push forward innovation and progress. We clearly understand that one of the main obstacles for innovation is the lack of involvement from the general public but we all need these ideas to proliferate and gain momentum and that is why we as a online development company feel that it is our responsibility as a business to support such amazing event” said Jose Rujano CBIL360 VP of Business Development.

To learn more about the International Space Apps Challenge check out

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